4 Things To Consider Before Buying Super Top-Up Health Insurance

By the year 2020, many of us would have realized that a floater policy for five lakhs was not going to be enough. Because we work in the insurance sector, we hear a lot of inquiries about health insurance upgrades in social circles, forums, and webinars. And, of course,  super top up health insurance has been one of our top suggestions for quickly and affordably boosting your health insurance coverage.

Almost every insurance provider is marketing a high level of protection at exceptionally low premiums. Because it is a Combo plan, which combines a conventional base health insurance policy with a  super top up health insurance plan, this ‘too good to be true’ insurance policy is actually two separate health insurance policies bundled into one.

1. Understand the deductible

If you select a Rs 5 lakh plan with such a two-lakh rupee deductible, your insurer will pay Rs 3 lakh as the highest claim amount. Deductibles can be paid by using a current health plan’s covered sum or by making a monetary contribution from one’s own pocket, as per professionals.

Adding a Rs 2 lakh deductible top-up policy if your insurer only provides Rs 2 lakh in coverage and you want Rs 10 lakh in coverage seems to be the best alternative for you. If your deductible is higher than Rs 2 lakh, you are responsible for the difference. The deductible on your top-up plan should equal the amount protected under your primary health insurance plan, whether for a person or a group of people.

2. Two Policies – Two Claims

Two separate health insurance plans are basically what you’ll be getting. If you ever need to increase your insurance coverage, you’ll have to go through two separate application and claim processes. The super top up health insurance can be purchased from the same or a separate insurance company. It will, however, make things a little simpler if you acquire it from the same insurance company since the claim procedure will be more streamlined.

3. Stick with one insurer

When you pick an insurer after research and thorough comparison, then you must stick with that insurer. However, you can ask the providers to upgrade your policy as per your requirement by customizing it. Instead of getting tempted by another provider’s benefits just for a moment and making the wrong decision, discuss it with your current insurer.

4. Super Top Vs. Upgrading the existing plan?

When compared to the cost of a standard health plan update, a Super Top-up is a bargain. As a long-term investment, it provides excellent super top up health insurance coverage for you and your family at a reasonable rate. Purchasing health insurance is made easier when you use super top up health insurance in conjunction with your basic plan.

Several factors must be taken into consideration while planning for a hospital stay, including the cost of the room, the quality of the treatment provided, and the length of the stay. You should have at least 10 Lakhs for each member of your household. Use a low-cost super top up health insurance on top of it to significantly boost your coverage. There are insurance companies that will cover the majority of your hospitalization expenses if you need one of these large-scale hospitalizations that may easily cost tens of lakhs of rupees or more.


Even if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you or your family will have a medical emergency at some point in time. Having proper super top up health insurance is the first step in preparing for such disasters. A cost-effective way to expand medical insurance coverage is to purchase a “super top-up.” They’re especially useful when you’re in the hospital for a long time if it’s pricey.

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