Countries where you can trade in CFDs

The CFD contracts aren’t allowed in the USA. You will get them in over the counter markets, in most of the trading countries that include Germany, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Switzerland, France, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Thailand, Italy, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands.

For Australia, the CFD contracts are allowed currently. The ASIC – Australian Securities and Investment Commission has announced changes in the distribution and issue of the CFDs when it comes to the retail clients.

The goal of the ASIC is in strengthening the protection of the consumer by having to reduce the leverage of CFD which is available to the retail client and having to target the features of CFD products and the sales practice which amplify retail clients CFD losses.

The product of ASIC intervention order took place on the March of 29, 2021. The USA SEC – securities and Exchange Commission has restricted the trading the CFDs in the USA, but non-residents can trade using them.

CFD trading did surge in 2020; the increase in popularity might be due to the induced vitality of COVID 19 in the markets. A key feature of the CFDs is that they should allow you of trading on the markets that are heading downwards, in addition to the ones which head up, allowing them to deliver some profits even when the market is facing turmoil.

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