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Crypto currency pair trading gives you arbitrage opportunity

There are ambiguities regarding legitimacy and regulation of cryptocurrency market. The millennial are more enthusiastic about investing and trading in cryptocurrency and identifying it as an investment venue with long term potentiality. On the other hand, central banks of many countries discourage trading and investing in virtual currency in any form. Despite this there is wider acceptance of cryptocurrency worldwide. Many new exchanges dealing in cryptocurrency are booming up. Many exchanges allow you to start trade with $100. Financial experts articulate Bitcoin and other digital currencies will make a change in the financial world. Cryptocurrency trading in exchange is easy and seamless, and once a proper regulatory is implemented, the possibility of this industry seems endless.

Designed for greater anonymity

In the age of digitalization many researchers and scientists have dreamt of a protocol that would allow people to exchange digital currency expediently. After many trails and error, as it happens in the domain of science the theory began to take shape. The invention of Bitcoin in 2009 was ground breaking. Other than Bitcoin there are other classes of cryptocurrency, but all have one common ground computing protocols. All cryptocurrency were designed for greater anonymity, privacy and least third-party intervention.  Crypto Exchange allows you to trade and invest in cryptocurrency. The exchange offers hundred different trading pairs between different cryptocurrencies.

Currency pair

A currency pair is price of two different currencies, the price of one is being quoted against the other. The first of the currency pair is called the base currency, the other is known as the quote currency. Currency pair is the comparative value of one currency to the other (base versus the quote). It establishes how many units of the quote currency is required to buy a unit of the base currency. Every fiat currency is denoted with an ISO currency code (three alphabetic figures). For instance US dollar has a USD ISO code. A currency pair is the current exchange rate of two different currencies traded in the forex market. In a currency pair trade the quote currency is sold and the base one is bought. The EUR/USD is the most liquid and traded currency pair followed by USD/JPY.

Cryptocurrency pair trade

In cryptocurrency, currency pair is relative price of two different digital currencies. For example Bitcoin/Litecoin (BTC/LTC), here Bitcoin is the base currency and Litecoin is the quote currency. It provides you the comparative cost of two different cryptocurrencies. Some cryptocurrency can only be purchased with other cryptocurrency, so knowledge of cryptocurrency pair is essential to expand your crypto holding. Cryptocurrency currency pair trading knowledge gives you arbitrage opportunity. You can exploit the atypical difference in asset price between markets.

Crypto Exchange offers various pairing options to choose form. The pairing trade gives you a relative worth of digital assets. If you hold Bitcoin (BTC) you can exchange it to Ethereum (ETH) through a crypto trading pair. Base currency is the pedestal of pair currency trade; it denotes the established value of different assets. It is the base to derive a relative value of other fiat currencies of other countries. Before you start crypto currency pair trading, know the base currency that is accepted in the exchange.

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